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Troubled Projects

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Troubled Projects


Projects can run out of control, due to many reasons and factors during its execution. This does not mean that the project will reach always the "troubled" stage. If this is the case, means that variances in scope, costs and time have overrun the acceptable levels of tolerance, without implementing any mitigation action, and keeping the same trend, the Project is in risk to fail.

The most common origin of conflicts, which leads the project to a state of out of control are the misunderstanding and inefficient communication between the parties (project team and stakeholders) during the project reviews.

Theses situations evidences, that the project entered the STRUGGLING stage, which is the step before the project becomes troubled.


The STRUGGLING status of a project is the pre-stage to turn the project into a TROUBLED project, therefore, the PREVENTIVE ASSESSMENT should be considered as a very important investment to get the control and focus again avoiding major impacts of accumulative problems, which appear unexpected on a later stage during project execution.

Our wide experience in Project Management of complex international projects, evidenced the worth of investing on a project preventive assessment, when in the project organization feels that the project execution reaches a STRUGGLING stage.

Troubled projects have a very significant cost impact to the organization. Therefore, it is worth to do the investment and sort out the situation as fast as possible.


It is recommended that a troubled project is being assessed by an external party. This is the only way for the organization to have a neutral and realistic picture of the actual project situation.

The duration of the assessment depends on the:
  • Complexity of the project’s trigger events for the assessment
  • Problems impacting the execution progress
  • Originally committed achievements vs actual situation.

The results of the external assessment (Recovery or Stabilization Plan), will provide the actions to be kept to get the control again over the project.

Therefore, one of the following processes will apply:
  • Recovery of the troubled project
  • Stabilization of the troubled project
  • Termination of the project (Contract Termination) – only as last option

Struggling projects
urgent assessemnt

Recovery of troubled projects

Stabilization of troubled projects


There are different best practice views related to the differences between RECOVERY and STABILIZATION of a project.

As per our experience with this type of projects, our approach to the Troubled Projects is as follows:

It is applied, when project is moving from the STRUGGLING stage moving to the TROUBLED stage.
In this cases, project can be reorganized applying mitigation actions in order to achieve the original targets.

It is needed, when projects are moving from the CRITICAL stage to FAIL. This type of project are in such status, that TERMINATION is not possible nor an option.

Therefore, the only target and focus in this type of projects is, to complete and close the project with diligence.
These projects are considered as TOXIC. All KPIs failed and the mitigation actions were not in place or project risks not properly assessed.


Struggling Project Assessemnt

This service provides the following activities:
  • Root cause analysis and project crisis evaluation
  • Definition of the action to mitigate the actual situation
  • Review the impact in time and cost
  • Review and adjust Project Schedule according the actual situation and redefined actions & strategy
  • Implement the defined action plan together with the project team.
  • Apply of strict project control methods.
Recovery of Troubled Projects

This service provides the following activities:
  • Root cause analysis and project evaluation
  • Evaluation of needs and costs to overcome the current situation
  • Decision analysis & recommendations: How to perform next steps? (Interviews with the parties, Risk & Costs analysis)
  • Definition of the project recovery plan
  • Execution of the project recovery plan
  • Record of Lessons learned

Stabilization of Troubled Projects

This service provides the following activities:
  • Root cause analysis and project evaluation
  • Needs evaluation (resources, materials, actions, etc.) to overcome the current situation.
  • Decision analysis & recommendations: Continue  or Terminate? (Contract & Risk analysis)
  • Definition of the project stabilization plan
  • Execution of the project stabilization plan
  • Record of Lessons learned
  • Apply of strict project control methods
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